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Q: Who can partner with Community Cords (CC)?

A: ANYONE! If you are looking to raise money for a mission trip, an adoption, or to purchase jerseys for your softball team, we would love to partner with you in your endeavor. If you are an individual, youth group, sports team, or family, we would love to work with you to further your dream. Together, we can change the lives of Filipino women and families, while still accomplishing your goals.


Q: Who does CC partner with in the Philippines? 
A: Community Cords partners with Kids International Ministries (KIM) in the Greater Manila area of the Philippines. KIM has been working in the Cuatro community for more than 20 years. KIM is our partner on the ground who helps train, equip, employ the women, and helps to disciple these ladies as their lives are radically changed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Q: Can you tell me about the women you help in Cuatro?

A: The focus of Community Cords is in the community of Cuatro, located in Greater Manila. Many of the people who have relocated themselves to Cuatro are from the southern islands, but have come to Manila seeking a better life. Upon reaching Manila, they realized jobs were not available so they began squatting on land that was not developed. The families here live on less than $1 day, so providing for each family member’s need can feel daunting and next to impossible. Community Cords partners with these women in the Cuatro Community and helps facilitate employment, discipleship, and offers these laides an opportunity to provide for their families’ basic needs independently, like housing, food, and education.

Q: Can I pick the colors I want?
A: Community Cords does not currently have a system in place for specific requests of colors. We ask that if you do have a special request, that you note this in the comment section in the order form. We will try our best to meet those requests and it will give us an idea of popular and commonly requested color combinations to help meet the needs of our partners.

Q: How much should I sell a Cord for?
A: Community Cords recommends selling Cords for $5 or more. As you are partnering with Community Cords, you are helping to advance two causes at the same time. You are raising money for the project or event that you need money for, and you are helping to employ and empower women in the Philippines. Every Cord you sell is doing some amazing work all around the world! $5 is an amount that is respectable and minimal to help these great two causes out at the same time!

Q: How does the process work?

A: Partnering with Community Cords is easy, and of low risk for you! We ask that you visit our website, blog, and our social media sites to help understand us better. Once you feel like a partnership with Community Cords is a great fit for you, simply click "submit order" on the menu above and fill out the form. You pay nothing up front and only need to send us money back for the Cords that are sold. We ship the cords as quickly as possible, so typically you can expect to receive Cords within 1 week. Take your time to sell the Cords; with a focus on telling the impact stories of what you are doing, as well as what Community Cords is doing in the Philippines. Once you are finished selling your Cords, mail back any unsold Cords and a check for 50% of the proceeds from your sales. It is that easy!

Q: Can I re-order?
A: Yes, of course! If you are running low on Community Cords, you can definitely fill out another order request and we will get more Cords in the mail and on the way to you. As a partner, you are the most important step in helping to employ the women in Cuatro, so we want you to be as equipped as possible when it comes to selling Cords.

Q: How long until I have to return my Cords?
A: Community Cords does not set a limit on how long you have to sell Cords. We want to make sure you have as much time as needed. We will be communicating with you throughout your selling time, in order to encourage and support your journey. Since we do not have a selling deadline, keeping in communication with us is key. We do ask that once your mission trip, adoption, or event is completed, that you return all unsold Cords and 50% of the proceeds as well as any other materials that we may have sent you. If your sales seem to slow down and you feel as if you have come to the end of your selling time, just send everything back so that we can then get the unsold Cords back out into the market.

Q: Can I sell Cords if I am not raising money for anything?
A: Yes! You can submit an order for Community Cords, and as you sell them, you can return 100% of the proceeds and the money will then all be used towards the development and empowerment of the women and their families in Cuatro. Basically, Community Cords becomes the sole purpose you are raising money for. With 100% of the proceeds coming back to Community Cords, your impact is multiplied and greatly appreciated!

Q: What is Community Cords all about?
A: Community Cords is all about the empowerment of the women in the Cuatro community in the Philippines. We are seeking to employ the women allowing them a foothold towards climbing out of the pit of poverty. We do not want to simply be a handout depend on. Instead, we want to teach the women skills and give them opportunities to provide for their families. We are about seeing the Cuatro community become a thriving community with an increased economy, higher quality education levels, and improved security levels (housing and food stability.)

Q: What happens if I don’t sell all of my Cords?
A: If you have reached the end of your selling period or you are running out of places and people to sell Cords to, then we invite you to please return any unsold Cords so that we can get them to other partners. We ask that you ship back any unsold cords, a check for 50% of the proceeds, and any other materials that we may have sent you.

Q: Where can I sell Cords?
A: Anywhere! We don’t want to limit your imagination or your reach. You may be surprised at who might want to buy a Cord to support you and the women in the Philippines. Options for selling Cords could include: church functions, outdoor festivals, school events, outside of Wal-Mart, football games or any other place you could imagine. Possibilities are endless and options abound. Don’t limit yourself, but you will  need to ask permission from the location you are selling. 

Q: What more can I do to partner with CC?
A: Below are a few more ideas on how you can partner with us. However, if you have other ways you would like to partner with us, please contact us and share your ideas.
1) You can submit an order request for Cords. Then you can sell those Cords, even if you don’t have a cause to raise money for, and return 100% of the proceeds to go back towards helping more women in the Cuatro community.
2) You could choose to go to the Philippines and impact these women in person. You can travel with Adventures in Missions and meet many of the women and get a once in a lifetime experience by visiting the Philippines.
3) You could make a donation directly to Community Cords which goes towards making a direct impact on the Cuatro community, the women, and their families.

Q: How did CC get started?
A: Community Cords started in December of 2011 when 5 women gathered around a table and were taught the art of bracelet making. These ladies were not employed and battling poverty, heartache, and the loss of hope. They were doing their best to take care of their families. Since this initial roundtable, Community Cords has grown drastically and currently employs around 80 women. Community Cords hopes to be able to continue to expand in order to serve more women in the Cuatro community and eventually to other nearby communities. Community Cords wants to assist these amazingly brave women of Cuatro and help them continue building a better life for themselves and their families, which will ultimately alter the destinies of generations to come.

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